15.06.2016: Tobit2Exchange 3.0 released / Support for Exchange/Outlook 2016

Tobit2Exchange 3.0 comes with support for Microsoft Exchange® 2016 and Microsoft Outlook® 2016. In addition, the logging has been completely redesigned - during the migration additionally log/text files are created. When migrating to Exchange® 2013 and 2016 it is also possible to use an existing Outlook profile for a direct data transfer.

04.09.2014: Tobit2Exchange 2.3 released / enhanced Support for Exchange 2013

The current update had a special focus for migrations into Exchange 2013 / Office 365. The Exchange 2013 enhancements include an improved autodiscover handling, the option to use encrypted connections and some minor issues.

On top of this Tobit2Exchange 2.3 has some improvedments for migrations in multiple steps and the use of default folders in Exchange/Outlook.

All registered Tobit2Exchange 2.2 users can upgrade to this version without any costs.

09.06.2013: Tobit2Exchange 2.2 supports Exchange 2013 / Office 365

The latest Tobit2Exchange version supports new target platforms - Exchange 2013 and Office 365. Therefore a number of changes in the migration engine were necessary due to the fact that these versions have no longer MAPI support.
Currently we don't support Kerberos/NTLM Authentication

For a data migration to Office 365 please keep in mind that you need a fast data connection.

For all orders placed after 01.05.2013 we offer a free upgrade from version 2.1.x to the forthcoming release.

07.01.2012: Tobit2Exchange 2.1 available

Tobit2Exchange 2.1.0 contains the following new features/enhancements:

  • Performance optimization when migrating file attachments, faxes, voices mails. The new version uses a direct import mechanism which doesn't create temporary files
  • Support for images within Tobit® contacts
  • New option in the settings that controls, whether appointments will be taken from the standard calendar only
  • New option in the settings that controls, whether contacts will be taken from the standard address book only
  • New option in the settings that controls, whether tasks will be taken from the standard task folder only
  • New functions in the electronic journal that allow a specific and detailed search within the journal data. The following search filters are availalbe: Date, Event type (Error, Warning, Info, Status), User, full text search
  • Export option for the journal data
  • New feature for Outlook-/Standard versions (like Global version) to migrate specific folders. Until version 2.0.x these versions supported only the one click migration of user mailboxes
  • The user assignment data are automatically sorted by the user name
  • New status bar features
  • Extended logging in case of errors to improve the error handling
  • Minor changes in the installer
  • Updated 3rd party libraries

31.05.2011: Tobit2Exchange 2.0.4 comes with new features

The current Tobit2Exchange version 2.0.4 offers an optional notifier mechanism which informs the user about the migration status by mail. This feature is particularly interesting for unattended migrations. In case of a successful migration or an occured migration error the user will get automatically informed by mail.

Another new feature provides a special handling for mass mails in the sent folder. You can either choose to ignore duplicated items or to transfer all sent items.

It could happen that in case of an embedded image, which is corrupted, that the image is not displayed within the mail preview in Outlook®. Tobit2Exchange repairs such broken image references to achieve a correct image preview in Outlook®.

Some minor enhancements were made in the user interface, journaling module and in the adoption of user-specific address fields.

Main Main

26.04.2011: Tobit2Exchange Update available

This update contains an improved status bar, extended logging and comes with a special handling when transfer mass mails from Tobit®.


18.02.2011: New Tobit2Exchange version 2.0.3 released

The recent Tobit2Exchange Version 2.0.3 supports now encrypted connections between Outlook® und Exchange®. The automatic user assignment between Tobit® and Exchange® uses the display name instead of the mail address. This version contains also an automatic update check for new program versions during the startup phase.


30.11.2010: Support for 64bit Windows® operation systems added

The Tobit2Exchange version 2.0.2 can now be installed on workstations running a 64 bit Windows® operation systems.

Furthermore we've added a new feature that allows to move/copy Tobit® default folders into the corresponding Outlook®/Exchange® default folders. The behaviour and folder assignment can be configured via the user interface.


10.08.2010: Update Tobit2Exchange 2.0.1

The first update for Tobit2Exchange 2 is now available.

The major changes are:

  • Programmatically generated PST files contain always the complete Outlook® default folder structure
  • When reading the folder structure from David® you can be choose whether user folders should be included or not
  • Blank / damaged folder names are ignored when reading the folder structure
  • Calendar / task entries can optionally be copied or moved into the corresponding Outlook® default folders
  • New journal entry type "Summary" for a rapid control of the migration results
  • Improved memory handling with extremely large user archives
  • Error handling for incomplete recurring appointments / tasks improved


21.06.2010: New Tobit2Exchange major release

After more than 5 years of practical use in more than 1,000 projects and regularly updates of version 1.x, we have released a new Tobit2Exchange major release. The most important new features of Tobit2Exchange 2.0 are:

  • Global folders can be migrated into a PST files, an Exchange® user or directly into 'All Public Folders'
  • Exchange® users can be automatically determined and assigned to David®/Tobit® mailboxes
  • Mail profiles can be automatically determined and created
  • New post-processing mode for individual treatment of "problematic" David ® Folders
  • Increased performance and improved error handling
  • No annoying security dialogs when accessing Outlook® / Exchange® Data
  • New namespace avoids conflicts with existing data in mailboxes


Login/Settings User Migration Settings

09.12.2009: Tobit2Exchange supports Microsoft® Exchange® 2010

The recent Tobit2Exchange Version was successfully tested with Microsoft® Exchange® 2010 and can be used for production.

15.10.2009: Free migration tool Thunderbird2GroupWise released

The brand new free mail client GroupWise@Home offers the same rich functionality as the GroupWise® Enterprise client, so you can use a rich feature set at home to access your private mail via POP3 or IMAP4.

However, if you want to switch to the GroupWise®/GroupWise@Home mail client you probably don’t want to start from scratch … however, there is help in sight (at least for existing Thunderbird users) …

Thunderbird2GroupWise is a user friendly (and charge FREE) tool that transfers the existing mails from a Thunderbird mail client into GroupWise. Thunderbird2GroupWise creates the complete folder structure as it was in Thunderbird and transfers all mail items into the corresponding folders.

Please visit also the GroupWise@Home Homepage


14.10.2009: Tobit2GroupWise 1.0.1 - RC2 release

This Tobit2GroupWise release candidate contains some internal changes and supports running Tobit2GroupWise as a Trusted Application.

The following document describes how to run Tobit2GroupWise as a trusted Application.

Tobit2GroupWise - Access Rights/Trusted Application

21.07.2009: Online Support via Teamviewer

If you require remote assisance you can download TeamViewer QuickSupport through our website.

TeamViewer QuickSupport download

TeamViewer QuickSupport is a small executable that requires no installation and allows immediate access to the workstation!


04.07.2009: Tobit2GroupWise RC1 released

The release candidate 1 for the brand new migration tool Tobit2GroupWise is now available. Tobit2GroupWise migrates all relevant data from Tobit® David® environments into Novell® GroupWise®.

Further information are available on this web site or please ask us!


08.06.2009: New Patch for Tobit2Exchange 1.6.8

The Tobit2Exchange 1.6.8 patch contains minor fixes to avoid problems with damaged Tobit® mailboxes (get default folders, mail & faxes with empty recipients). Furthermore the reminder folder will be migrated as well.

25.08.2008: New version Tobit2Exchange 1.6.8

Tobit2Exchange 1.6.8 contains some enhancements when migrating Tobit® folders, which contain different message type. These undistributed item will remain in the original folder structure

Until Tobit2Exchange 1.6.7 we supported German, English or French Outlook®/Exchange® versions. This release is now language independant.

02.07.2008: Tobit2Exchange 1.6.7 available

Tobit2Exchange 1.6.7 contains an extension for Outlook® 2007 users to avoid possible access problems on public folders.

Furthermore there are some minor changes for recurring appointments in David® 10 as well as some extensions in the Logging.

17.06.2008: Tobit2Exchange 1.6.6 released

The current Tobit2Exchange version moves incorrect Tobit® data in special folders, in which they can be reworked at a later time.

A typical case is the possibility to save different message types in Tobit® within one folder. For example, a mail folder in Tobit® can also contain contacts, appointments and tasks, but Outlook®/Exchange® is not capable to handle different file types within one single folder. In this case other message types then mails would automatically go into a special rework folder in Outlook®/Exchange®.

13.04.2008: Tobit2Exchange 1.6.5

With the version 1.6.5 we've improved the user comfort, in particular the migration of global folders. The selection of global folders can be made with the new TreeControl as detailed as before but substantially more comfortably.


15.11.2007: Tobit2Exchange version 1.6.4 available

This Tobit2Exchange version fixes some (very rarely) arisen problems while reading the global folder structure from Tobit® as well as sporadic Outlook® security error messages regarding the access of external programs during the migration of appointments. The performance for the appointment migration was also improved.

29.09.2007: Tobit2Exchange 1.6.3 released

The latest Tobit2Exchange version 1.6.3 includes a significant performance improvement when migrating large mailboxes to Outlook® PST files. Compared to the previous versions the migration into PST's is up to 50% faster than before.

17.09.2007: New type of license for the migration of a single Tobit® server

Since today we offer additionally so-called OSL (One Server License) licenses, which can be used for the migration of a single Tobit® server. These versions are bound to the Tobit® Site ID.

The prices for the OSL versions begin at 99,00 Euro. Additional information can be found in our Price list

05.09.2007: New version of the english user manual online

Updated version of the english user manual available.

User manual

19.08.2007: New version of the german user manual online

Since today a new version of the German user manual is available. The description refers to the Tobit2Exchange version 1.6.x.
The english version will be available in the next days.

User manual

15.08.2007: Outlook® 2007 for the use with Tobit2Exchange approved

Outlook® 2007 was tested by us intensively with Tobit2Exchange and is now officially approved. Please consider also the notes for the use of Outlook® 2007 in the FAQ.

15.08.2007: Extended FAQ

The FAQ was re-arranged optically and extended contentwise by some relevant points.

27.07.2007: Tobit2Exchange 1.6.1

Enhanced features for global folder migration. You can now also specify the subfolders to be transfered. This allows to exclude non relevant data from the migration. Each subfolder contains also a migration state. A mapping table allows the redirection of the migrated folders.

Furthermore we've enhanced the outlook batch migration. Improved performance and a better cleanup procedure while changing the mapi profile are the result.